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Product Code : DM SYSTEM
Product Description

A Double Pass Reverse Osmosis (DPRO) System is whenthe permeate water is fed into a second RO unit to produce more pure water. Atwo or double stage RO is when the concentrate or reject stream is fed into asecond RO system to recover water, respectively. Reverse Osmosis Systems aredesigned to purify water by rejecting around 99% of Total Dissolved Solids fromthe feed water. Single Pass RO Systems produce product water (permeate) andreject water (concentrate) at the same time.

Double Pass Reverse OsmosisSystems are composed of two RO systems (1st Pass and 2nd Pass) wherein the 1st pass has a bigger volumetric flow rate capacity thanthe 2nd pass. In between them, there should be a break tankwhere either permeate or the concentrate water of the 1st pass RO isstored and fed into the 2nd pass RO for further filtration. Pre-treatment isrequired to be provided for both the 1st pass and the 2nd pass RO systems if the application will be waterrecovery, as the quality of the concentrate water on the 1st pass shouldbe bordering on the saturation point. On the other hand, an application mightonly require a 1st pass pre-treatment if it’s being used as permeate tofeed the 2nd pass.

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