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Commercial UF system

Commercial UF system

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Commercial Water Dispenser 


  • Rated voltage DC6V, make weak electricity and strong electricity separate, overcome the contradiction between working environment and using electricity safely.
  • The main structure of NFYD-5024S/P Automatic Double Cartridges UF Purifying System uses plastic casing, UPVC fittings and pipes.
  • Electric ball valves use floating seal technology, which has small torque and anti-fouling, with manual controlling function.
  • Cross flow filtration technology, eliminate pollution.
  • The system has automatic operation and timing setup functions: flushing, backwashing and free maintenance.


Max Pressure

0.6 Mpa

Max Trans membrane Pressure

0.2 Mpa

Normal Operation Pressure

0.1 - 0.2 Mpa

Backwash Pressure

0.1 - 0.2 Mpa

Ph Value

2 - 10

Max Allowable Concentration of free chlorine (Long Time)

50 mg/L

Max Allowable Concentration of free chlorine (Short Time)

< 300 mg/L

Operation Mode

Deed-end & Timing Flushing and Backwashing

Max Operating Temperature

< 40° C

Membrane Characteristics

Hydrophilic / Double Skin

Membrane Material



50,000 Dalton

Membrane Area

7.6 m²

Fiber Internal Diameter

1.0 mm

Fiber External Diameter

1.6 mm

Number of Hollow  Fiber

4000 piece

Membrane Module Size

120 x 670

Inlet & Outlet Point Diameter


Max Air Pressure for Integrity Test

0.2 Mpa

Flux ( 0.1 Mpa, 25° C

1.5 T/H